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Alex Crescioni Producer / Mixer

Alex is a Los Angeles based audio engineer, music producer, & mixer. Crescioni attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA studying music theory, guitar, and audio engineering. He also spent time as an intern and runner at Conway Recording Studios and Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA.

His first studio was named "Shrine Recording Studios" in Valencia, CA where he started his career working with Los Angeles rock & metal bands. Crescioni currently produces and mixes from his private studio "Stygian Sound" at the Sound City Complex in Van Nuys, CA. He has had the privilege of working with such honorable mastering engineers and producers including Tim Palmer, Mike Wells, Bill Metoyer, Erick Labson, Chris Collier, Joel Wanasek, and Steve Corrao on his recent productions and mixes. Crescioni has worked with artists on Cleopatra Records, EMP Label Group, Gore House Productions, Frontiers Records, Danse Macabre Records, Minotauro Records, and DSN Music.

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