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Aly Jados Blood People

Aly Jados is the lead singer and guitarist for Blood People, an up-and-coming heavy rock band based in Chicago, IL. Blood People brings a raw, grungy, and melodic sound to their high-energy performances, earning comparisons to the likes of Baroness and Joan Jett. She has come a long way from playing in basements to headlining the rock clubs of Chicago.

Performing since the tender age of 13, Aly has been in countless rock bands growing up and even sang with Steven Tyler in 2011 on American Idol. Since then she has released two solo EPs in 2012 (Don’t Come Easy) and 2014 (Was Here). In 2015 her cover of “I Love It Loud” was released on an all-female Kiss cover album, Kiss and Makeup, which was supported by original band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

Playing in Blood People has allowed Aly to expand beyond her solo work and front a band that fits her best, whose influences include Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Misfits, Refused, and Propagandhi. Blood People has been ferociously hitting the scene in Chicago for the last 2 years, playing shows, producing music videos, and making records. With a growing fan base and new recordings on the way, they have only just begun to scratch the surface!

Aly Jados Blood People

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