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Gus Sinaro Sinaro

After a successful run fronting the heavy hitting metallic thrash act SYMPHONY OF MALICE, Gus and his band are creating palpable buzz within the heavy music landscape! Gus has again assembled a top-notch current lineup, featuring STEVEN RICCIO on Guitars, JEFF HINZ on Bass and MARTON VERESS on drums

Building upon the whiplash-inducing drive of Symphony of Malice, SINARO infuses that sound with an even more melodic and anthemic sheen as showcased on their debut release, “No Salvation” a Hard Rock album with heavy guitar riffs, tons of melodies and relatable lyrics.

“Bullet Through Your Head” is the first single & showcases a very sensitive subject (Suicide) that was written based on a true story and sends a powerful message for prevention. “Bleed Your Sins” is a phenomenal second single with great visuals, story and sound. The single premiered on Revolver Magazine.  “The Sun Burns In Disbelief is the latest auditory and visual onslaught from this release which brings a more controversial and Political side of SINARO. The video premiered on Guitar World Magazine

The Band is quickly gaining the reputation as a must see live act and has most recently Collaborated with OLI HERBERT (ALL THAT REMAINS) and UK shredder ANDY JAMES for some of SINARO’s upcoming singles. The Band has shared the stage with acts like Flotsam & Jetsam, Saving Abel, Angel Vivaldi, Revocation, Rhapsody, Primal Fear, Gus G.( Ozzy Osbourne/Firewind) and others.

SINARO is currently playing select regional dates and prepping for a busy year and new album on the horizon. Catch the band live and discover what the others already know!

SINARO is proudly endorsed by ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, Ernie Ball, Hughes & Kettner and KHDK pedals.

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