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Ricky Tillo Lady Gaga

The Canadian guitarist Ricky Tillo first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. "My life changed when I first heard Van Halen’s Eruption," says Ricky. He's been playing guitar for Lady Gaga since her Monster Ball Tour in 2010. Ricky also plays in thebandknives, founded with Tim Stweart 

Ghoul Screamer has been my main overdrive for the Joanne tour. Super tweakable and customizable to the guitar and amp you play, tons of tone shaping options.

The Scuzz Box has been indispensible fuzz. It has so much tone-shaping and headroom on tap. Sounds great through an amp and also direct into the board. Already using it in new thebandknives and SATE songs too. 

KHDK Pedals Used By Ricky Tillo