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Sergio Soto Imperialist

Imperialist, the black metal band hailing from Los Angeles, established in early 2013, Released a critically acclaimed debut album in late 2018 via Transcending Obscurity Records. Imperialist has been following the support and values KHDK Electronics has provided to its bands throughout the years, and feel as though our greatest expectations for future albums can be best invested through using KHDKs products.

Cipher was recorded at Trench Studios in Pomona, CA, and Mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, The Faceless, Aborted). Cipher’s composition is severely heightened, with complex song forms interwoven in such a structure that will send the listener into a helpless state of isolation to the darkest depths of the multiverse. Cipher covers sci-fi lore of mysterious forlorn worlds, singularity theory, and other such universe phenomena shrouded with the morbidity of entropy.

Imperialist’s talent and dedication to their craft has landed them as being direct support for Kalmah (Finland), Vreid (Norway), Vital Remains (USA), Necronomicon (CA), Cattle Decapitation (USA), Exmortus (USA), Angelcorpse (USA), and festivals like Todo Es Metal Los Angeles (2017), and Mini-Murder 2016 (USA). It is no doubt that Imperialist can rival the best of them, and surpass industry limitations.

With Imperialist quickly building a daunting show roster, and high level of exposure (nationally and internationally) from their first album and live performances, Imperialist joins forces with KHDK Electronics and carry on the legacy of creating profound and daring music.

Our string section has recently used KHDK products and immediately has been blown away by the fact that these pedals can push our tone even further than imagined.

KHDK Pedals Used By Sergio Soto