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Tommy Gunn Deathcrown

Tommy is one of the lead guitarist/riff-smiths and driving force of the Old School Death Metal juggernaut DEATHCROWN. He’s been a fan of Kirk Hammett and his lead tone for decades. So when Tommy heard about Kirk designing the Ghoul Screamer to replace his long-used lead overdrive, he knew he had to check it out.

“I’ve always been a fan of less-is-more. When I figured out that, like Kirk and so many others, I could just step on a good overdrive to go from my rhythm tone to my lead, I was so happy to ditch the 3-channel amps. When Kirk designed the Ghoul Screamer, I got even more stoked. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in an overdrive. The drive gives me the extra tube saturation and sustain I like. The mid switch gives me that extra bit of tonal “cut” that I want. Plus, I switch on just a touch of compression to punch things up a little. I play Les Pauls and 5150 heads. I keep things very simple and very sturdy. The Ghoul Screamer is built like a tank, which is great because I’ve always taken the term “stomp box” very literally.  I absolutely love this pedal!”

DEATHCROWN is an Old School Death Metal band on Lost Apparitions Records from Richmond, VA with former members of Darkest Hour, Arsis, Waiting Mortuary, and Immortal Avenger. They should be considered for fans of Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, and Unleashed. After only a debut EP and a Split full-length release, they've been labeled by the underground as "The Hardest Working Band in Death Metal" for their relentless DIY touring schedule. Catch them on tour in 2019 supporting "Comorbid Diagnosis", their split with veteran Swedish Death Metal band Ribspreader. 

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