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GHOUL JR Mini Overdrive


  • Price $ 149.95

Hyper Powerful Mini Overdrive

GHOUL JR is a hyper powerful overdrive circuit coiled inside a micro-sized box. It's the evil little brother of KHDK's award-winning Ghoul Screamer, featuring its most used settings in half the size and twice the gain. Yes, it goes past 11.

"Flick the Style switch down and wreak havoc!"
~ Kirk Hammett

This workhorse is strong enough to be your main overdrive, with an added brand new full-on mode for even more powerful cut-through sound. The tonal range goes from a fuzzy vintage treble boost to creamy, beautifully liquid tone.

"Just got this GHOUL JR and holy sh*t it packs a punch! Great tone and the Style switch is magical."
~ Alberto de Icaza, Recoding Engineer and Mixer

3-year warranty applies. Like all KHDK pedals, GHOUL JR is proudly crafted and quality tested in Kentucky.