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Unicorn Blood II

Limited Edition Mythical Octave Fuzz

  • Price $ 229.99

Mythical Octave Fuzz Goes Galactic

Unicorn Blood II is a space-themed brother to the original Unicorn Blood. Now covered in cosmic glitter, with an even tighter fuzz and all the versatility that made its predecessor a collector's item.

This is a limited edition pedal, with only 420 pieces for sale. Ever. 

Pre-Order Terms

This pedal is on pre-order. Because of COVID-19, we will be shipping it within the next 3 months. We'll keep you posted on the production process - and hoping to beat this deadline, so you can get high and riff all day!

Trippy, hyper-versatile, a miracle worker

Unicorn Blood II is retro at heart, taking an iconic sound and beaming it straight into 2020 with modern features like True Bypass, Octatone, and additional EQ controls.

Free Coffee on the First 250 Pedals

The first 250 pieces ship with a free bag of Unicorn Blood espresso blend by Dark Matter Coffee in a limited edition "Space Blood" bag..because you don't embark on space travel without rocket fuel.


Unicorn Blood’s design uses discrete transistors and germanium diodes for an authentic vintage fuzz tone. Each of the 420-piece limited series is hand-wired in KHDK's custom shop.