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How I made a Penis Pedal with Brian Posehn and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy

I told Joe and Brian I'll build them any pedal. Their response: "Can it be about penises?"

It is a truth universally acknowledged that penises will never stop being funny. Here is the story of how I got mine.


I've been friends with Joe Trohman for over 20 years: we are both Chicago natives and the cheesy filling of deep dish pizza runs through our veins. (Our cardiologists are not stoked.)

We met Brian Posehn through mutual friends and I'm a huge fan of Joe and Brian (BriJo, as I like to call them) for their creative energy and general sex appeal.

Since Brian and Joe are metalheads like me, it made sense to build them a pedal.

(*Cartman voice* You guys inspire me so much. I love you guys.)

I told Joe and Brian to go nuts and that I'll build them whatever they come up with.

Their response: Can it be about penises?

Me: Naturally.

So now I have a dickstortion pedal!

 KHDK my big fatt rawk

Inspired by "Big Fat Rock" song from Brian and Joe's Record Grandpa Metal

The lyrical opus that gave rise to our new pedal is Big Fat Rock, a crusher from Joe and Brian's metal record.

One of the best parts of working on this pedal was messaging with my designer, Dan Kurz, about it:

KHDK My Big Fatt Rawk

So what's My Big Fatt Rawk like?

This amp-like distortion is ultra-versatile KHKD's engineer Antonin Salva who is the brains behind the, well, shaft.

Here are the pedal's controls.

Hardness lets you control how much gain is pulsating through your circuit. 
Shrinkage is your passive low-pass filter.
Girth controls the pre-distortion EQ and moves from tight bass to thick massive tone.
Length is your volume which gets truly massive. 

My Big Fatt Rawk is on pre-order now through the month of April