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The Story of Building GHOUL JR Mini Overdrive

GHOUL JR is KHDK's first mini pedal based on the celebrated Ghoul Screamer

Has it really been 2 years? Recently, we realized KHDK Electronics was going to hit a major anniversary of its launch and, of course, this called for celebration. 

Somebody suggested getting a jumpy castle, but since we all have arthritis and hate the feeling of slipping socks, we decided to make a new pedal instead.

"Let's make a mini!"

A mini pedal has been on the books for a while (yes, we've been dying for all the "size doesn't matter" joke opportunities). In a judgement-free meeting 100% open to all suggestions and inviting of any opinion, we fired the guy who wanted to make a Small but Happy pedal, and decided to roll with Small but Lethal instead.

As David Karon put it, "Everyone loves the Ghoul Screamer, it's just a rad pedal" (David has a way with words) "and for the past two years, people have been sharing their most favorite settings with us, so we pretty much knew how it's being used around the world."

Next step: let's use this knowledge for evil.

GHOUL JR brings Ghoul Screamer's most used settings

KHDK's circuit wizard Antonin Salva took these most used compression types on the Ghoul Screamer and hardwired them into 3-position switches for equalization: they deliver the default Ghoul Screamer tone (mid-position), bass boost (up) or body boost (down).

Antonin used the Ghoul Screamer enclosure to experiment with the first GHOUL JR prototype

One of the switches got an extra dose of gain: "As I was fiddling with the circuit, I added gain to one switch. As in, a whole lot." says Antonin. "It took a ton of precision tweaking. I pushed it just to the limit of what was possible while keeping the signature Ghoul Screamer sound. It sounded sick, everyone loved it, and we decided to keep it."

Engaging the 'Balls To The Wall' mode

The exact setting for achieving this tone remains top secret (put the Style switch in "down" mode). 

Internally called the 'balls to the wall' mode, this brand new voicing style is not available on the original Ghoul Screamer, making the GHOUL JR more than the Ghoul Screamer's sidekick; it's a powerful overdrive in a class of its own. 

Powerful as your main overdrive

The name GHOUL JR came to the KHDK crew in a dream they all shared the same night, written in unicorn blood on a glittering purple banner carried by miniature seahorses.

GHOUL JR can hold it's own, perfect as the main overdrive, excellent for boosting an overdriven amp, and powerful in bringing out the best of its neighbors on a pedalboard. Or pissing off your actual neighbors. (Don't do that.)