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KHDK Co-Founder David Karon on Working and Living Abroad

"KHDK's engineer is Czech. One of the reasons I'm living in Prague is to be close to him."

Jeff Hayden of Inc. Magazine chatted with David Karon about moving to a different country to be close to KHDK head engineer, Antonin Salva.

By Inc. Magazine

Being an entrepreneur isn't just a way to make a living. Being an entrepreneur is a way to make a life: Your way, on your terms --and sometimes even wherever you wish.

That's why some entrepreneurs choose to travel while starting and running their businesses. That's why some entrepreneurs choose to move to another country.

And that's why many aspiring entrepreneurs would like to do the same, but they hesitate because it seems too hard or too risky.

That's why I talked with David Karon, co-founder of KHDK Electronics, the guitar pedal company he started with Kirk Hammett of Metallica. (I've written about how David and Kirk run the company, interviewed Kirk on why to he decided to start a pedal company in the first place... and even done one, make that two Inc. videos with Kirk.)

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