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We used a huge vat of acid and burnt the living hell out of the new LCFR pedal

"Are you guys tripping on acid?" Yes. Don't try this at home.

You may remember the LCFR pedal we built with Nergal of Behemoth earlier this year.

As I wrote then: "Nergal is nothing if not a man who pushes the envelope and since he and Behemoth are strongly visual, I knew that the LCFR pedal would be an absolute standout piece."

LCFR guitar pedal by KHDK and Nergal of Behemoth

The 333 pieces of LCFR were gone before you could say "Hail Satan" and I've been seeing some circulate on eBay for the equivalent of the GDP of a medium-sized country, well that's the nature of the Beast I guess...Speaking of the Beast, it was requested we complete the 666

This all went down at a time when Nergal was courageously fighting a blasphemy lawsuit because apparently we're living in the 1600's??

Either way, I couldn't be more proud that the LCFR project contributed to helping Nergal deal with the fallout of that shitstorm.

But Nergal and I agreed: the world needs more LCFR

We knew we would always keep the first 333 pieces special and unique in their deep black beauty and never do the exact same look again.

Enter the new LCFR variant: the Acid-burnt LCFR

Basically, I decided that burning the pedals with acid would be a great idea. We had never tried that before although our designer and awesome human, Dan Kurz, had experimented with acid on aluminium before in his mad creations. 

At KHDK we like to roll our sleeves the fuck up and get to work. On a sunny Wednesday morning, we rolled out a giant vat of acid.

We started with blank enclosures, already milled to fit the electronics in the future.

Each pedal gets its own splash of acid for a unique pattern

LCFR pedal with acid by KHDK

You can go full Rorschach with these but all I'm seeing is the many faces of Satan.

After the acid does its blackening magic, the enclosures are washed and laid to rest

KHDK pedal LCFR in acid

Once they start to dry, the newly burned pattern emerges...

KHDK guitar pedal LCFR in acid

All this was done in absolutely glamorous working conditions behind the workshop

KHDK Antonin Salva and Dan Kurz burning LCFR pedals with acid

Behold: KHDK's head engineer Antonin Salva (left) with our designer Dan Kurz (left) and KHDK friend and longterm fan Jared (middle).

It was a grueling 6+ hours of breathing in acid fumes but so worth it!!!

KHDK David Karon Antonin Salva and LCFR pedal

Afterwards we went and crushed possibly the best kebab west of Turkey, big shout out to Gemüse Corner Kebab - and I would like to dedicate this project to them - they use actual meat in their 'babs and stuff them full of herbs. Seriously everyone was freaking out over how good it was.

For the LCFR pedal, the journey had just begun...

It's now off to powder coating with the enclosures. We coat them in a matte-transparent finish to protect the acid-burnt pattern and make it smooth to the touch.

Next, they get silk-screened with the LCFR pattern by the brilliant Bartek Rogalewicz and then dry for 48 hours.

Then off to assembly! We stuff them with the Nergal-approved-and-tested circuit. 

Like always, I am personally guitar testing each pedal that comes out of production -- while dreaming about kebab.

333 pieces of the acid-burnt LCFR are available at Behemoth's webstore exclusively.