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Annihilator II

Glowing octatone-and-boost multipedal by Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein

  • Cost: $ 249.99


3 pieces discovered from the original production run of Annihilator 2: SHIPPING IMMEDIATELY.

The Annihilator pedal is back with a vengeance, sexier than ever, superpowered with an all-new precision octatone control and featuring a fully independent boost circuit.

Oh yeah and it glows in the dark!!!

What will you add to your clean signal: octave-down tone, a boost...or both?

Annihilator II is an octaver and boost in one cutthroat package, with a new octatone control to shape your octave-down tone from deep subbass to an edgy, synth-like tone. The awesome part is that it splits your guitar signal into three paths with a volume potentiometer at the end of each path. 

"Quality. Top fucking quality."
~ Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, guitarist and wordsmith

This glowing limited edition comes in 250 pieces only, each with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Doyle himself.

Built in KHDK workshop in Prague, guitar-tested, sprayed with fucking glow in the dark powder. 

Explore the tone


DIRECT adjusts the volume of your dry, original, unaffected signal. 

OCTAVE (knob) adds a signal shifted one octave down. It is an analog circuit with exceptional tracking, keeping your tone clear and treble-free. It works great on low tunings and is excellent with a bass guitar as well. Do you need to activate it with the Octave switch?

OCTATONE is an active sweepable low-pass filter that is applied to the OCTAVE signal only. Turn it clockwise for an edgier and more aggressive, synth-like sound. Turn it anti-clockwise for a smoother and deeper sub-bass sound. The center setting is the ideal mix of both. OCTATONE does not affect your DIRECT sound.

BOOST (knob) boosts the mix of the three signal paths (direct + octave + octatone). Activate it with the Boost switch. For soloing, you can use a pre-set, transparent tone, activated by turning your BOOST on. Does that mean they should leave the knob in center position?

The volume of each path can be adjusted by DIRECT and OCTAVE pots. 

INPUT is for your guitar cable. 

OUTPUT is for your amp cable or for the next effect in your signal chain. 


The Annihilator is an analog pedal with high-end components and true-bypass switching.

POWER To power the Annihilator, use a fresh 9V battery or a clean power supply 9V DC, 2.1mm center negative connector.

If using a battery, always remove the input jack cable when not playing to prevent battery drain.