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Octaver, Clean Boost & Blender by Misfits' Doyle von Frankenstein

  • Price $ 249.99

!!!LIMITED EDITION: ONLY 100 PEDALS AVAILABLE!!! (Starts shipping this week)

A triple threat: an octaver, clean boost & blender in one cutthroat package

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Go full mad scientist and blend your own never-been-heard guitar tone.

"Quality. Top fucking quality."
~ Doyle von Frankenstein

Like a second guitar playing alongside your own

The Annihilator’s superpower is its ability to add massive body to your tone without changing it.

Give your sound a fat bottom and turn small tone into HUGE while keeping it natural and non-synthetic.

"Sounds like there's two instruments a bass and a guitar doing the same thing." 
~ Doyle

Get beautifully pronounced octave-down riffs, single notes, even power chords -- 100% muddiness-free

"It sounds like death...and that's what I was going for." 
~ Doyle

The full range Boost knob is a poison cherry on this evil cake, making your playing as instantly hearable as you wish.

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