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[SOLT OUT] Octaver, Clean Boost & Blender by Misfits' Doyle von Frankenstein

  • Price: $ 249.99

10 pedals per color - Please limit them to 1 per customer 

I don't know how to limit this in the e-shop because I'm basic but please be nice and just get the one color you love the most, that way we maximize everyobody's happiness!

These limited color edition Annihilators ship NEXT WEEK

A triple threat: an octaver, clean boost & blender in one cutthroat package

Read the full story of the Annihilator pedal

Go full mad scientist and blend your own never-been-heard guitar tone.

"Quality. Top fucking quality."
~ Doyle von Frankenstein

Like a second guitar playing alongside your own

The Annihilator’s superpower is its ability to add massive body to your tone without changing it.

Give your sound a fat bottom and turn small tone into HUGE while keeping it natural and non-synthetic.

"Sounds like there's two instruments a bass and a guitar doing the same thing." 
~ Doyle

Get beautifully pronounced octave-down riffs, single notes, even power chords -- 100% muddiness-free

"It sounds like death...and that's what I was going for." 
~ Doyle

The full range Boost knob is a poison cherry on this evil cake, making your playing as instantly hearable as you wish.

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