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Fallout Bass Overdrive

by Dave Ellefson of Megadeth

  • Cost: $ 229.99

Signature Ellefson bass tone in a single pedal (only a few left!)

Bass players, take control of your tone! 

Fallout gives you a full-bodied punch without modifying your original tone and the Dirty and Clean channels allow you to craft your sound with just the right amount of richness.

1 pedal doing the job of 2 amps

Fallout gives you a fat bottom end (like a clean bass amp) plus an overdriven midrange tone (like a cranked amp). Less gear - more sound!


The pedal utilizes bi-amp technology with two discrete circuits. It divides your signal down two paths.

The first path stores your original dynamic and color, keeping it unmodified.

The other path adds a distorted sound with fullness and punch. As the two signals meet again, the result is your original sound made more powerful, fuller, and richer.

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