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Gojira Drive

[SOLD OUT] Harmonic overdrive that unlocks Joe Duplantier's signature tone

  • Cost: $ 249.99

Natural amp-like harmonic overdrive designed with Joe Fucking Duplantier to give you his tone

For the first time ever, Gojira is sharing their tonal secret with 333 chosen. 

This limited edition overdrive delivers the trademark Gojira harmonics and an active EQ section with powerful tonal control on your trebles and bass (see "Specs" below for details).

Read the story of Gojira Drive: How we built a pedal with Joe

With an all-new circuit, we went beyond the Gojira tone: this harmonic overdrive is versatile and inventive for a variety of tones. She will be your trusted companion from pure raging metal to AM radio sound. 

Each pedal comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity personally signed by Joe

The limited edition is handmade in KHDK's custom shop in the EU and ships with a special surprise. 333 pieces only, first-come first-serve basis.

The organic, flowing line artwork pays homage to Joe's love of nature.

To let the art shine, each pedal is individually silk-screen printed by hand. This is a true collector's item meant to be cherished, played and proudly passed on to the next generation.

Explore the tone
Controls & Specs


Bass: Your pre-bass control. In the center, the effect is neutral. Turned clockwise, the bottom end content is boosted, counterclockwise it gets cut.

Treble: Controls the amount of high frequencies. The center point is neutral, clockwise boost the highs, counterclockwise cuts the highs.

Drive: Controls the amount of pre-gain, which affects the amount of compression and saturation.

Volume: Controls the amount of output volume. Warning: The output gets loud on the max setting. Seriously. Loud. I mean this is fucking Gojira.

To use the Drive as a booster for your overdriven amp, set the Volume control higher and Drive lower. This will push your amp into an overdrive monster and EQ section of the pedal becomes a powerfuĺ pre-EQ tone sculpting tool.

With a dirty amp, set Drive higher to get your desired amount of harmonic overdrive and use Volume for setting the output power of the pedal.


Always Connect a 9V DC center negative power supply. The pedal can be powered by an external DC power supply. Use a stabilized DC with 2.1mm barrel connector and negative center. Use 9, maximum 10V power source. Why? The voltage is internally boosted to 30 volts (!) for maximum headroom, amp-like dynamics and a huge volume boost.