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In Waves by Trivium

Limited Metal Tone Shaper inspired by Trivium's seminal album

  • Cost: $ 249.99

An all new pedal by Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu of Trivium

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  • LIMITED to 333 pieces only
  • Each pedal comes with a certificate signed by Matt & Corey
  • The ultimate metal tone shaper

>> Watch Matthew's demo video <<

The most insane amp-booster KHDK has ever built, powerful enough to blow your roof off with controls that put you 100% in charge of your tone 

  • Indespensable tool in Matthew and Corey's guitar tone box
  • Powerfull tone shaper with strong and effective EQ and TIGHT switch
  • Versatile af for crafting your own tone
  • Silk-screen print to make the art shine (watch video below!)
  • Sonic powerhouse for true tone-noisseurs
  • Engineered to the highest KHDK standards
  • True bypass, use a 9v power source, no more than 10v can be used
  • Built, silk-screen printed and guitar-tested in KHDK's Prague Custom Shop

Ships from the EU, check your country's import fees. 
Recommended pairing: Session IPA and popcorn

Explore the tone
Controls & Specs

BOOST: Controls the amount of output volume. Warning: The output gets loud on the max setting. Seriously. Loud.BASS: Your pre-bass control. In the center it's neutral, clockwise it's boosted, counterclockwise cut.

TREBLE: Controls the amount of high frequencies. The center point is neutral, clockwise boost the highs, counterclockwise cuts them.

TIP: For chuggy rhythm playing, cut the bass and boost the highs slightly. For fat, solo-ready tone, boost the bass and cut your highs.

TIGHT SWITCH: Controls the amount of low end in the preamp section. The center position cuts most of the low end for a tight bass response. The up position boosts the bass response, perfect for soloing or single note work. 

TIP: The TIGHT switch is extra effective on a low tuned guitar to preserve its clarity and string definition.

BYPASS STOMP SWITCH: Activates the whole circuit. When the In Waves is on, the two red lights are glowing. When the In Waves Is off, it is true-bypassed (has no effect on your tone).