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[SOLD OUT] Nergal of Behemoth signature

  • Cost: $ 249.99

Limited Edition, first-ever guitar pedal by Nergal of Behemoth x KHDK

333 pieces only - made in the EU - starts shipping on Easter weekend.

"Everybody who has seen it suffers cornea damage from awesomeness." - Read the story of LCFR.

Wield unholy high-gain power with this aggressive Overdrive/Booster 

Silkscreened, handmade, guitar tested in the EU. Each piece comes with a unique Certificate of Authenticity numbered & signed by Nergal.  

It adds that ‘extra’ to make my music more radical.
- Nergal

Crafted by KHDK, tested in the studio for the new Behemoth record

The LCFR is visually striking but its true power lies within: this versatile beast will give you a smooth, solo-ready tone as well as high precision sound for aggressive rhythm playing.

It has all the bearings of a classic KHDK build and is destined to become a staple on your pedalboard.

Hail LCFR!!!

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