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[SOLD OUT] Ultra limited mystery pedal

  • Price: $ 249.99


Only for the brave.

This Halloween, get an ultra-limited surprise pedal in a VIP package (pre-order available for 1 week only, until Nov 7th)

What's this pedal? This is an ultra-ultra-limited edition...within the next limited edition.

Though you won't find out what it is until you get it, rest assured the pedal has all the bearings of a classic KHDK custom shop edition. 

Your one and only clue as to what the pedal is: the video below.

These mystery pedals are so limited, even I may not be able to get one.
~ David Karon

Says David: "I'm personally going to oversee the production and test each pedal - first on a shitty $50 amp, then on a high-end amp. 

The mystery color was handpicked by me, it's fucking beautiful and I will never be making these again. They are so limited, it looks like I won't even be able to get one.

As always, I personally vouch that you will love it and be proud of it. This is destined to become the crown jewel of your pedalboard."

Get this mystery pedal in a VIP package

This is the next official KHDK pedal release, which I will make public in a few weeks - if you pre-order now, however, you are getting it signed by me (David Karon) in a special never-to-be-repeated color, with a kickass T-shirt.

"When will I find out what this pedal is?"

The pedal will be announced in a few weeks. At that point, the mystery version will no longer be available.

Available now through November 7th...ships in time for the holidays. 

"What is the pedal?"

Can't say. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a mystery.

"If I message David Karon privately, will he tell me what the pedal is?"

Absolutely not.

"Are you guys high?"

No, though large amounts of caffeine have been consumed prior to posting this.

"What happens if I order it?"

I will reach out to you to find out your T-shirt size and share further info. But I still won't tell you what the pedal is until you actually get it!

"Why should I get the pedal?"

It's Halloween and if you're a little crazy and love owning something nobody else has, this is the perfect pedal for you.

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