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Night of the Living Shred by Zacky Vengeance

High Gain Preamp / Zacky Vengeance / Long Live the Zombies

  • Cost: $ 249.99

Celebrating zombie life with the first-ever pedal by Avenged Sevenfold's Zacky Vengeance

What's it all about: “Fun. This is about recreating the sounds that made me want to play guitar in the first place." Read the story of how we collabed with Zacky on this absolute monster of a pedal.

Down-low: this limited edition is a high-gain preamp celebrating Zacky's tone, punk rock and metal 

The gain and fuzz are 100% independent of each other. This means that you can mix in as much or little into your signal, from 0 to 100.

You can adjust the amount of distortion and gain using the knobs to adjust the amount of aggression.

CONTROLS: Gain // Bass // Treble // Drive // Fuzz // Volume // Bypass

Each pedal is built and guitar-tested in the KHDK workshop in the EU, featuring original zombie artwork by the great Mario Lopez.

Zacky personally signed all Certificates of Authenticity that ship with each pedal, so you know you're getting the real deal!



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Controls & Specs

Full rundown of Night of the Living Shred Controls

GAIN sets your pre-gain. There is a mellow crunch, just like chewing on a delicious femur.

Zacky recommends that you balance the setting with your DRIVE and VOLUME (in the Overdrive section) as these act symbiotically. 

BASS and TREBLE give you an amp-like response.

FUZZ affects the amount of Fuzz you can add to your signal.

As always, start with these controls at 12 o’clock and tweak them until you hit the sweet spot. You’ll get the best results with a clean amp channel or a crunch channel set to low gain.

VOL controls the output volume of the pedal. 

BYPASS stomp switch with an LED indicator activates your new Preamp pedal

A hidden internal switch allows you to run your pedal as a preamp. The “up” position is for the preamp volume, so the signal is stronger and brighter to feed your power amp input. The “down” position is for use in front of the amp (we recommend a clean channel).

Use a clean 9V DC center negative power supply adaptor or a good quality battery. 

The pedal internally enhances your voltage to create an authentic tube-like tone and a dynamic response.

Do not use higher voltage than 9V DC, this will damage the circuit. And unlike people whose brains you consume, this pedal doesn’t come back to life.