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[SOLD OUT] Gary Holt Parametric EQ Overdrive


All Hail The Ultimate Thrash Metal Machine

Created with the high priest of thrash metal, Gary Holt, Paranormal is a tone shaping tool from the Underworld. It's Gary’s always-on pedal. It's been an intergral part of his rig throughout the final Slayer tour.

The limited 250 piece edition is destined for tortured, tone-obsessed souls who will be claimed by its power.

“When you hear what this pedal does to a stock Marshall head, you’re gonna shit your pants.”
~ Gary Holt

Paranormal brings a hellishly wide range of EQ options with the diabolic trio of all-powerful controls, MIDS, FREQ and BANDWIDTH.

“This is the tone I've been searching for for over 20 years.”
~ Gary Holt

High-End Studio Gear in an Infernal Package

The pedal works like a full studio parametric EQ. If you're never happy with your amps EQ section, the Paranormal will let you control it down to minute detail, giving you incredible definition. Plug in and the power shall be yours!

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