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Scott Ian JSL

[SOLD OUT] Amp-and-Boost in ZERO G package

  • Cost: $ 249.99

Certified by the Anti-Zombie Space Federation, powered by cold fusion, lasers and a stunning pair of bermuda shorts.

Limited edition / 333 pieces only / Certificate signed by Scott Ian / Ships January 2022

This all-new Scott Ian JSL pedal takes all the force of the original (long sold out) Sgt D edition - but in Zero G. By popular demand, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned the circuit to give you even more clarity and metal.

Two-in-one pedal with a Boost section and Amp section

The Boost section works as a pre-distortion EQ control. It includes the circuit of an iconic booster pedal Scott used in the early days of Anthrax and S.O.D. 

What Scott says about the pedal:

Little known fact: back in 1984, while creating Anthrax, I was recruited for an elite intergalactic combat force. My superpower was looking insanely good in floral bermudas, as has been immortalized in the leaked render from one of my most epic battles. To honor this stage of my life, I’ve decided to share my trusted weapon with a few of you chosen.

Works beautifully as a standalone booster (the booster section is on a separate circuit) if you want to boost and shape your own tone

Proudly built in Kentucky / Each pedal is guitar tested / Made to see you through endless space battles

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