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Unicorn Blood III

[SOLD OUT] The most metal and brutal one yet

  • Price: $ 249.99

Ships by Christmas 2022

Mythical Octave Fuzz Goes Full on World Saving

Our hero needs to defend the lands of the Unicorn from the demonic forces that are trying to overtake and destroy. The only way to help this warrior is to play as loud and fast and crushing as possible. The Unicorn Blood III III is the most crushing version of our magical fuzz pedal yet. .

Trippy, hyper-versatile, a miracle worker

Unicorn Blood II is retro at heart, taking an iconic sound and beaming it straight into 2022 with modern features like True Bypass, Octatone, and additional EQ controls.


Unicorn Blood’s design uses discrete transistors and germanium diodes for an authentic vintage fuzz tone. Each of the limited series is hand-made in KHDK's Prague custom shop.

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