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Alessandro Venturella Slipknot

When searching for a crushing player to show off the power of the Abyss, KHDK's Paul de Maio had just the right guy: "Through common friends, I met Slipknot's Allesandro Venturella at their show in Toronto and we just connected right off the bat after getting into some deep gear and tone discussions," remembers Paul.

"Alex is a badass bassist with a deadly tone and I knew he would be perfect to demo the Abyss for us. He was instantly up for it: he loves being able to find 'his' sound on Abyss really fast without having to mess around," says Paul.

Alessandro is a heavy metal musician and guitar tech. In addition to Slipknot, he has served as a lead guitarists for Krokodil and Cry for Silence. He was previously the touring guitar tech for Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds, Coheed and Cambria, Architects, and Fightstar. He has since switched from being a lead guitarist to a bass player for the first time in a band when he joined Slipknot after being their guitar tech.

Alessandro with KHDK's engineer Antonin Salva



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