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Unicorn Blood

[SOLD OUT] Limited edition octave fuzz 2018

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Summer of Love Fuzz Tone Goes Hi-Tech

Unicorn Blood is a fuzz pedal like no other: trippy, hyper-versatile, a true miracle worker. It’s retro at heart, taking an iconic sound of an unforgettable era and beaming it straight into 2018 with modern features like True Bypass, Octatone and additional EQ controls.

Each of the 100-piece limited series is handwired in KHDK's custom shop and ships with a bag of Unicorn Blood espresso blend by Dark Matter Coffee.

It's a delicious sounding pedal...and it will set you on fire.
- Brent Hinds, Mastodon

Vintage-voiced yet modern, Unicorn Blood fuzz brings the best tones of the 60s and 70s into the modern day. It entraps a classic retro fuzz, elevating it with tweakable features to create your own tonal blend.

Step aboard a rainbow-colored sonic ride, expand your creative horizon and harness the rush reserved for those who partake of Unicorn Blood.

Unicorn Blood’s design uses discrete transistors and germanium diodes for an authentic vintage fuzz tone with modern features like True Bypass, Octatone and separate EQ controls.

Explore the tone
Brent Hinds Demos the KHDK Unicorn Blood Octave Fuzz


1. [Volume] Controls the overall output volume of Unicorn Blood.

2. [Treble] At 12 o’clock, this control doesn’t modify your tone. Turned clockwise, it boosts your highs; counterclockwise, it cuts them. The frequency range is carefully chosen to offer you the best performance.

3. [Bass] At 12 o’clock, this control doesn’t modify your tone. Turned clockwise, it boosts the bottom end; counterclockwise it cuts the bass.

4. [Octatone] Emulates the TONE knob on your guitar by removing the unwanted shrill overtones high octaves can have, which is an issue for many players. You can pre-set it and it will activate in octave mode. The OCTAVE circuit works best with a neck pickup and the tone control set to low.

5. [Fuzz] Sets the amount of fuzz, from less gainy to fuzzier.

6. [Fat] Is designed to shift EQ curve of BASS and TREBLE controls. IT gives you a fatter tone with stronger singing mids. When FAT is set to OFF, it becomes more scooped.

7. [Boost] This switch offers a gain boost. Switch it On or Off according to your taste, pickups and mood.

8. [Sludge] This unique control adds loads of massive bottom end in the Pre-distortion section.

9. [Octave] This stompswitch activates the OCTAVE mode.