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Paranormal II

[SOLD OUT] Gary Holt Gary Holt Parametric EQ Overdrive vol.2

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On pre-order now | Ships September | 333 pieces only

The Ultimate Thrash Metal Machine is Back & Better Than Ever

KHDK vs Holt vs The World is back to rip your toenails out through your kneecaps and pet cats because they are fucking cute!!!

Like the first, long-sold-out Paranormal, this evil doppegänger was created with the high priest of thrash metal, Gary Holt.

Limited to 333 pieces, now with EVEN MORE GAIN 

“When you hear what this pedal does to a stock Marshall head, you’re gonna shit your pants.”
~ Gary Holt

Silk-screen print | Hand-numbered | Certificate signed by Gary Holt

The circuit is supercharged with even more gain and an added gain control, did I mention it has a lot of gain? It rips and rips like your grandpa after onion soup.

This small batch is built in the EU, guitar-tested, hand-numbered, comes with a signed Certificate

Each enclosure is lovingly silk-screen printed with Holt-approved artwork that shines like fresh blood on a tombstone. Built to last you a lifetime, plays nice with others to create never-before-heard tones, again, not unlike your grandpa after onion soup.

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