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Deathscream by Kreator

Thrash metal legend unlock his tone

  • Cost: $ 249.99

The distilled essence of thrash metal: Mille's very own Deathscream Overdrive

Forged with the thrashmaster supreme Mille Petrozza, the Deathscream Overdrive helps you achieve the classic Kreator tone.

"Perfect work!"
- Mille Petrozza

What the Deathscream is about: We built this pedal because Mille wanted "the perfect overdrive". He uses the Deathscream in the studio with his tube amps, and on the road with his Kemper.

The Deathscream is ultra versatile, making Mille's digital modeling amp warmer and enhanced with real, analog harmonics. At the same time, it creates crushes blows with a fully analog amp.


The Aggression Switch gives you the desired amount of damage from a powerful boost to dark fury or all the way up to maximum power, perfect for soloing.

Each pedal is handmade in our Prague workshop and ships with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Mille.

Explore the tone
Controls & Specs


VOLUME: Controls the amount of output volume. Tip: The output gets loud on the max setting, especially when your Gain is high. Seriously loud.

GAIN: Adjusts the amount of your input signal. Turning it up increases the breakup. On high settings, it brings a smooth clipping/compression to your signal.

Tip: With both the Gain and Volume dimmed, the Deathscream may be too loud. We recommend that you find a balance of these two controls that feels right. For a cleaner signal, turn your Gain low and dim the Volume. This works best for boosting a tube amp with its own overdrive - and the Deathscream becomes a powerful toneshaper. If you want the pedal to produce its own clipping and overdrive, turn the Gain high and adjust your output with the Volume knob.

TONE: Controls the amount of high frequencies. The center point is neutral, clockwise boost the highs, counterclockwise cuts the highs.

AGRESSION SWITCH: Engage the unholy precision of the infernal circuit, offering three choices to unleash devastation upon the mortal coil. Ascend to the pinnacle of aggression with this specially tuned thrash  boost, infusing your riffs with the searing fury of a thousand suns. Feel the air crackle with anticipation as your shredding solos pierce through reality itself, leaving naught but chaos in their wake.

In the blasphemous center position, revel in the unadulterated fury of the Deathscream overdrive circuit. Experience its infernal warmth and dynamic range, a symphony of darkness to fuel your diabolical sonic crusade. 

Descend into the abyssal depths with the lower position, invoking a surge of unrelenting power. Feel the very fabric of existence quiver as your pedal roars to life, its gain-laden tendrils weaving a tapestry of liquid darkness, ideal for the harrowing descent into soloing oblivion.