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Ultra limited black-on-black print (B-Stock)

  • Cost: $ 249.99

2 pcs only / NOX: It doesn't get any darker.

Important: 2 pieces from the ultra limited run of LCFR: NOX. This edition was made exclusively for a few European stores. It has glossy black print on BLACK background.

B-Stock: These 2 pedals are available because they are classified as "B-Stock" with small blemishes or finish flaws. Inside, the circuit is absolutely perfect and plays just like the production run "A-Stock".

SHIPPING IMMEDIATELY. They come with a certificate signed by Nergal. 

Behold: The Second Coming of Nergal’s infamous LCFR. This cursed box from Hell is an overdrive/booster for your aggressive, demonic high-gain sound.

The Second Coming builds on the first edition, with an added mid control for yet more aggressive force that wails with evil…thus rendering it even more versatile for a range of playing styles. 

Fine-tuned with your and Nergal's input based on the first edition, The Second Coming is a state-of-the-art piece of audio engineering that even its namesake, The Lord of Darkness, would be proud to plug in.

Every pedal is assembled, hand-printed and guitar-tested in Prague.

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