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Totality by VMan of Slipknot

Gritty, Dual-Path Overdrive for Guitar and Bass

  • Cost: $ 249.99

Scroll down for demo by Spliknot's Alessandro 'Vman' and YouTube reviews!

Limited 250 pcs Edition Overdrive for your Guitar and Bass

Designed with Slipknot's Alessandro Venturella, Totality gives you the VMan's signature powerful and aggressive sound, perfect for metal and rock playing and fast riffing.

Totality is a mixing board for your amp and overdriven tone, with a dual-path input

Alessandro brought his years of technical knowhow to the table and helped create the Totality as a dual-path OD pedal for guitar and bass, so you can switch it up depending on your mood.

This OD gets gritty as fuck, so it is totally different than anything we have done before

Your signal is split into two paths, with controls GAIN, TONE, BASS and TREBLE along the way...and, it has a mid switch tuned to Alessandro's preferences, so you can get that sweet, sweet heavy as fuck Sicilian Villan sound.

The distinct faders for the volume of your overdriven and direct signal make this pedal the perfect tool for your guitar or bass tone.

This limited series' design is created by Luke Preece, a renowned artist known for his esoteric heavy metal iconography. 

Like all KHDK limited editions, the Totality is built entirely in our mystical Prague Custom Shop where we personally guitar-test every piece.

Ships in April 2023 with a Certificate of Authenticty signed by Alessandro. 

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