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SHRED by Bernth Brodtrager

[Sold Out] Zero-compromise metal pedal crafted with a master shredder

  • Cost: $ 249.99

Now on limited pre-order, starts shipping in October

“My SHRED pedal is something I’ve always looked for but hadn’t found…until now. I am pretty blown away.”
~ Bernth Brodtrager

100% clarity, 100% power, 0% compromise

Bernth’s SHRED solves the age-old problem of having to compromise tonal power for clarity. With Shred, you can finally have both.

SHRED is not your typical OD pedal

Don’t be fooled by the looks: even though it is comparable to a Screamer, the SHRED is actually a new, fully original design based on the MID-BOOST switch.

"SHRED makes my lead guitar parts, solos and high-gain distorted riffs truly stand out in the mix."

The "magic frequency" of the mid-boost switch

Locked up in a studio with Bernth, we tuned the boost into two precision frequency bandwidths and combined them with the tone control. When toggled up, it allows you to cut or boost these frequencies and give you the exact punch you need. Your shredding riffs and solos are guaranteed to cut through the mix. 

A collector's piece for your pedalboard 

SHRED comes with a haunting artwork based on the winning vote of Bernth’s community. To transfer it to the pedal enclosure, we used a dual print technique combining hi-res digital print with silk-screen handprint to get the gold detailing just right. 

Each SHRED pedal comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-numbered and signed by Bernth.

Each pedal is built and guitar-tested in KHDK’s workshop in Prague.

Bernth x KHDK

Bernth has been a part of the KHDK family since our early days. It's an honor to work with a guitarist so committed to tonal excellence. We are proud to unveil his first-ever signature pedal: Bernth, you beautiful beast, we love you!

Full demo by Bernth coming soon.

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