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Taste our Ghoul Screamer Beer at Warpigs!

Bergamot, lemon, tea leaves and BBQ: hell yes!

The smell of sweet burning meat on the barbecue, AC/DC blasting from the speakers, and a cool glass of lager in your hand: let's agree that life doesn't really get much better than this.

At Warpigs, Copenhagen's iconic brew pub, this is everyday reality. Next on their tap: KHDK's Ghoul Screamer beer!

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The Power of Hops and Barley Juice

"KHDK was born over a glass of lager, so making our brew was just a matter of time. All it took is finding a brew pub that is equally passionate about creating epic things out of the best ingredients with a touch of madness," says KHDK co-founder David Karon. 

The place in question is in Copenhagen, Denmark. Warpigs is a unique brewpub with Texas-style barbecue and American-Danish style brews. The concept was created by Mikkeller (Denmark) and 3Floyds (US), two household names, the sound of which is enough to send beer nerds into a state of epileptic excitement. 

The brewer Lan-Xin (pictured) watched over the pilsner every step of the way and has shared with us an insight into the exclusive interview coming soon!

Earl Grey Pilsner: Lemon, Bergamot and Tea Leaves

And now, it's official: our Earl Grey Pilsner "Ghoul Screamer" with fragrant nodes of bergamot, lemon, and a light astringency of tea leaves.

For those new to the KHDK pedal line: Ghoul Screamer is our award-winning overdrive and Kirk Hammett's signature pedal, celebrated for its versatility. Meet the Ghoul Screamer overdrive!

The charater of the beer is a nod to the European roots of KHDK, with head engineer Antonin Salva designing all prototypes in the Czech Republic. The Earl Grey notes are based on the British heritage of KHDK's co-founder David Karon. "It's a crazy blend, but the Warpigs crew was instantly down to give it a try. If anyone can make tea beer taste incredible, it's these guys!" says David.

Creating Beer Label Art

The mastermind behind the epic artwork is none other than Tim Lehi, San Francisco tattoo artist who also created the classic artwork on our original Ghoul Screamer pedal. "I took the name of the pedal and ran with it," says Tim. "I wanted to make something that looks incredible in hand and on the floor, incorporating the knobs and switches in the look."

Come taste the Ghoul Screamer beer with us at Warpigs starting Monday, August 28th while supplies last. Also in town: Metallica takes the stage at the Royal Arena on September 2nd.