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Annihilator is here! New guitar pedal by KHDK x Doyle von Frankenstein of Mistifs

“It sounds like death -- and that’s what I was going for,” says Doyle von Frankenstein of his signature stompbox “Annihilator” designed with tone lab KHDK Electronics.

Doyle Misfits an KHDK guitar pedal Annihilator

The black-and-blood red stompbox bears Doyle’s face in his iconic Misfits makeup and wields the power of no less than 3 combined guitar pedals: an octaver, a clean boost and a blender, rolled into one ultra-tweakable package.

3 Guitar Pedals in One Cutthroat Package

“Doyle’s guitar tone has been ingrained in my head since I was 15 and working with him has been a huge dream of mine, ” says KHDK founder David Karon.

"As a teenager, I started a horror punk band 'Dark Blood' and the Misfits were our biggest influence. So when a mutual friend Scott Ian of Anthrax put us in touch with Doyle, I knew I would build Doyle a pedal to make him proud.”

Doyle von Frankenstein and David Karon
Doyle with David Karon and his friend Jimmie Boros (David and Jimmie were in a Misfits-inspired horror punk band 'Dark Blood' as teenagers)

Doyle knew exactly what he wanted -- an octave down pedal with a built-in boost to thicken up his tone. Plus, the ability to pinch harmonics even with the octave down. Plus, the ability to mix a direct signal within the pedal.

Sounds like...three pedals in one? Yep! So that's what we built.

“Our engineer Antonin Salva locked himself in his shed and came out a day later with a spaghetti bowl of cables in his hand,”  remembers David Karon.

“That was the Annihilator pedal, completed and perfect. Doyle loved it on the first try.”

Doyle Misfits and Antonin Salva Annihilator guitar pedal

KHDK engineer, Antonin Salva, with Doyle von Frankenstein

"Just go nuts and create yet-unheard tones"

Antonin Salva - our tone wizard, renowned for creating household audio products for Smashing Pumpkins, Motley Crue or Slayer - dares you to go full mad scientist with the Annihilator:

“I want people to experiment with blending in other pedals via Octave Up, like a whammy, an auto-wah, different filters, or fuzzes.”

“Just go nuts and create tones that have never been heard by human ears. The Annihilator’s magic is to fuse pedals to your tone but honor their original character,” says Antonin. 

Annihilator guitar pedal Doyle KHDK

Octaver, Clean Boost and Tone Blender in One Package

The Annihilator’s superpower is its ability to add a massive body to your tone without changing it. It adds a fat bottom to your sound, like a second, deeply down-tuned guitar playing alongside your own. It instantly turns a small tone into huge while keeping it natural, non-synthetic.

Doyle von Frankenstein Annihilator

How does it work?

The Annihilator splits your guitar signal into three paths with a volume potentiometer at the end of each path. At the end, they all meet again and can be boosted by the Pre-boost function.

Unlike most octavers that muddy power chords, the Annihilator’s octave-down sound gives you beautifully pronounced riffs, single notes, even power chords! 

The full range Boost knob is a poison cherry on this evil cake, making your playing as instantly hearable as you wish. 

“Quality. Top fucking quality,” concludes Doyle. 

The Annihilator is an analog pedal with high-end components and true-bypass switching. The pedal is now available via KHDK and limited to 100 pieces.